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SO Showcase

13 September 2013

In corporate offices today it is common practice to display achievements, awards and significant historical documents in a way that is functional, secure, and aesthetically pleasing.

It is important to consider that within the overall design concept, special considerations need to be made in regards to shape, size, functionality and materials used.

If you’re about to plan a corporate showcase, here are some tips to follow to ensure your project is a successful one:

TIP 1: Don’t be an after-thought

For a showcase to work well in a space, like a lobby, use materials that are present elsewhere in the room. This ensures the showcase doesn’t look like an after-thought.

The materials used on a showcase and how they are manufactured can really make or break a design concept. Showcase manufacturers are constantly developing new techniques to utilize some of the budding materials available in the marketplace today.

TIP 2: The big picture

Take multiple photographs of the space and send them to the team who is designing the case. Let them see what they’re working with. Be sure to include not just the area the showcase will be displayed but the entire room, every detail helps.

TIP 3: Security Blanket

Entrusting prized corporate possessions in a glass display case you want to make sure proper precautions are taken.

There are three types of locks: Cheap, not so cheap, and expensive. They perform accordingly.

TIP 4: Beep beep, move outta the way

Think of the flow of traffic for the area the showcase will be placed. Is the location you are choosing one where people will have time to look? Will a showcase be in the way?

Limited floor space? Consider wall mounted or hanging display cases that become a focal point of any wall, while some still providing storage space underneath.

Limited wall space? Consider freestanding floor displays that can be repositioned as required, great for an entrance or lobby.

Is it time to think custom?

Most designs are possible with a little creativity and ingenuity. Having a team in place with expertise in all areas of corporate displays can make a world of difference to any corporate office environment.