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SO Showcase

24 October 2013


Working with finishes this fall? Despite aluminum being the sturdiest way to frame and construct a glass cabinet, it is not the most elegant element to design with. Some environments require a showcase to match an existing décor or stand out on it’s own as an eye catching piece.

Initially, aluminum may not be your first choice, but let us show you how a simple aluminum frame can go from ‘ugly’ to extraordinary.

Foundation – Powder Coating

A simple way to add life to an aluminum frame is by powder coating (fancy word for painting). With the multitude of colors and finishes available you’re able to match just about anything.

Into the Woods – Wood Veneer

Trying to match pre-existing pieces in a space can be difficult. With real wood veneer it becomes much easier. The ability to laminate the aluminum frame in a real wood veneer creates the illusion of a full wood construction, but with the added benefits of the strength and sight lines of a thin, sleek aluminum frame.

The Real Deal – Leather

Another popular option on the market today is the ability to cover aluminum frames in real leather. Fancy yourself a red crocodile leather fan – wrap a frame in it!

In fact, any laminate can be used to cover a frame, for an endless array of finishes. Whether you’re matching an existing décor or looking for a showcase to stand out on it’s own these custom finishes are sure to make your next showcase a successful one.