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SO Showcase

16 December 2013

When one customer does something, it’s a unique idea. When you see that idea spread across multiple customers, that’s a trend. When everyone jumps on board, well, it’s a change. 2013 was the year of the shop in shop. The success of many of our key partners over the past year such as Elle, The Bay, Canada Post, Kameleon and others, means that the trend of retailers to leverage leading consumer brands to generate more sales and store traffic is now in full force.

Supporting this expanding market segment has been a great learning experience for SO. Major brands like Elle, are uncompromising. They are meticulous about their display, after all, they have spent decades building the brand and extending it into retail merchandising is done only after they are sure the experience is consistent and world class.

Here are a few samples of what some SO customers have requested that are now available to all customers.

#1 Materials

It was not so long ago that customers were satisfied with only a few different colors of aluminum in their display structures. Now, we have expanded to include everything from wood veneers to even leather. Display cases can now match almost any interior, with the advantage that they are not built into a space with all the added costs that approach would entail.


#2 More Storage Space.

Most shop in shop products require built in space for additional inventory, no small task when space is at a premium. We actually had to rethink the whole idea of the drawer –making it both storage and display.

#3 Lighting up new materials.

Most retailers know that lighting is their secret weapon to make products, especially jewellery sparkle for customers. As we added new materials and products, we also revamped lighting. The great news is that light technology has come a long way in the past few years.

#4 More display space

Stronger materials and improved engineering mean less of a “kick” (bottom piece) in our cabinets and more room for display. Once again, when space is a premium you need to maximize every inch of a display.

Overall, the theme for 2013 was:

  • The shop in shop is mainstream,
  • Space is a premium, so maximize storage and displayable area
  • Customize visual elements of cases to make them “feel” like they are built in (watchit video link)
  • Lighting is well, brighter than ever.

Now, what about 2014?

Stimulate your senses; cases can now enhance the atmosphere in stores instead of just quietly blending into the background. Oh and because ‘tis the season, here a little jingle for you to ring in the new year:

Twas the year of the shop in shop
And all through each store,
Every retailer was stirring,
For their displays to sell more….

OK, aren’t you glad we focus our efforts on display cabinets and not writing seasonal songs?

Happy Holidays from Neal and the team at SO Showcases.