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SO Showcase

There are lots of glass cabinets available on the web. Most, however, are nothing more than a glass box with a mediocre light. This may be good enough for a cheap gift store, but this isn't good enough for you! We, like you, won’t settle for mediocre. SO, now that we understand one another, let us show how we can help.

1. You’re On Display

We believe that what you display, be it retail merchandise, custom artwork, or corporate awards, communicates who you are. Our philosophy is that there is no such thing as a standard display case. You are unique and there is so much you have to show the world—SO Showcase knows how to get you seen.


2. We Are Fanatical

You have a lot to show the world, and we’re the only ones that can help you. How many people do you know that are obsessively passionate, fanatical if you will, about display case design, durability, lighting, finishes, security, materials, and never-ending innovation. Well, we are, and that’s all that really matters.


3. We Know What We’re Doing

Specializing in the building of glass showcases for over 30 years, we have worked with retailers, collectors, producers, museums, corporations, and just about anyone who needs showcases. As each client has had their own set of unique project needs, we’ve partnered with experts in lighting, design, finishes, security, materials, and even shipping and crating, to ensure the best outcomes.


Let's Get Started

Like what you see? That’s because we know how to show ourselves off.
We can do the same for you, SO let’s get started!