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SO Showcase


Large Free Standing Display Case

Product SKU: FO-LS

Dimensions: 40”x 16” x72”h

Description: The FO-LS is the most popular case we sell. Its three adjustable glass shelves and low profile LED lighting provide an ideal setup for jewelry, watches, eyewear and other fine merchandise.  Each ¼” glass shelf is fully adjustable.  These models are built to last and look great for a long time –some have been on display for over 30 years.  Style, Strength and versatility: The F0 –LS can also be placed along a wall or in an isle as it is fully visible on all sides. The storage area is also fully lockable. The product is shipped pre-assembled in a crate –just level it and plug it in.

Total display volume: 18 cubic feet

Lighting: 2 x Décodel PL300 by Luminergie

Storage area: 6 cubic feet

Locking Mechanism: 2 x Thru glass lock by AMMA lock